Mostly Pelicans

The photos in the slideshow linked at the end of this post are mostly about pelicans seen over the holiday season. Large numbers of pelicans were seen at UCSB lagoon (earlier post), Goleta Slough and the Santa Barbara Harbor. The largest numbers were seen at the harbor, with some of the pelicans roosting on the roof of a restaurant. Maybe, pelican platforms are needed. It is certainly wonderful to see them doing well.

On edit: there may be larger numbers than usual, but some of the pelicans are not doing too well.

Roof Roost
(SB Harbor – Brown Pelicans – January 1, 2009)

(SB Harbor – Brown Pelican – January 1, 2009)

The variety and number of birds at Goleta Slough is impressive – a very valuable bird habitat. The most interesting visitors this year are the black skimmers. This evening I witnessed the most wonderful display of group skimming. Unfortunately, it happened so fast, I did not have time to change the shutter speed with the fading light. So only two so-so pictures resulted.

Goleta Slough
(Goleta Slough – January 3, 2009)

(Black Skimmers – January 3, 2009)