World of Weedii or Fabulous Fimbriatus


Sun (VitD) and exercise were needed, but not in a too time consuming fashion. East Camino Cielo and Weed’s Mariposa (Calochortus weedii var vestus now Calochortus fimbriatus) became the goal. It was not known how many would be found this late in the summer, but surprisingly there were many. It was drive, stop and take photos of the plants just off the side of the road, repeated again until a little past the towers, and then a return back for a trip along West Camino Cielo. I found a few Weed’s Mariposa in the seepy area opposite  “Tanbark Oaks” on WCC, but not much else along the road, not even Humboldt’s Lily. The slideshow includes photos of the many variations of this Mariposa, that seem to vary as much as Calochortus venutus.

I did not know that a Flickr contact made the trip up to Santa Barbara for the same purpose on Sunday as well until I had returned and checked my Flickr contact photos. He found species ranging from palish-white to a gorgeous reddish-pink. The location of these plants is known to a few Calochortus enthusiasts thanks to Marc Kummel, who kindly gave directions to Lara Hartley, Jeff Hapeman and indirectly to Michael Charters. I was not aware of the latter until a google search landed on a web page where Marc was mentioned – were you aware of this, Marc?

(Update: I had heard that the name had changed to Calochortus fimbriatus, but for some time found no reference to that name. Now, both Lara Hartley and Beth Painter have confirmed that the name change did indeed take place, and Beth provided this link:  Second Edition of The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California – Calochortus. Thanks!)

On the way back to 154, I drove slowly past “sunny places on the north-facing side” per Marc’s description on his Fotolog, but did not spot Green Rein Orchid, one of the plants I have yet to see. Probably walking as opposed to cruising is required. Maybe next year, when hopefully I am not too busy, I can hunt down Piperia.

Weed’s Mariposa Lily Slideshow Please click on any thumnail to start slideshow.

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