Raptor Study, at SBMNH

Today, I went to buy at book at the Gift Shop at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, on the way to Goleta Beach for photos.

I looked toward the courtyard, and saw a tiny owl in someone’s hand. After purchasing the book, I went back to the car, and returned with the camera and 400mm lens, paid the entrance fee, and then took photos of the Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel and the Western Screech Owl.

Since the lens is fixed 400mm, I had to stand more than 10 feet away, which must have been less stressful for the birds. I walked all around the courtyard trying to get the best backdrop for the birds – attempting to exclude signs, walls, and people, etc.

Sora at Lake Los Carneros

A week ago, I went to LLC to find a reported Sora or Rail, or both – and found a Little Gull.

Today, I went to LLC to photograph warblers, and found a Sora.

LLC is full of surprises.

The Sora was amongst the reeds at the west end of the metal barrier. It seemed to be extracting a long, thin gelatinous substance from the water, and used its long feet adroitly. As long as I stood as motionless as the fencing, it did not seem to notice or mind the click of the shutter.