Responsible clear-cutting ?



“California Department of Forestry (CDF) does NOT calculate carbon or other global warming emissions when reviewing clearcuts. Yet, tens of thousands of pounds of these greenhouse gases are released each year in clearcutting operations. This oversight on the part of CDF, legislators, the governor and the attorney general is costing our children dearly. If California is to be a leader in fighting greenhouse gas emissions then this catastrophic oversight must be corrected. Our CHILDREN….the very FUTURE…. can not afford another year of what you see below on this page.”

“A new video has just been released that reveals the truth about what is happening in California’s forests. Widespread clearcutting and elimination of biodiverse habitat rich forests is a secret that California’s Government wants to be kept hiddent behind “beauty strips” of trees by the side of the road that hide the rape of the forests beyond. Please see the new video and let everyone else you know California just isn’t “green” – it is even allowing this clearcutting to be used to make money in Cap and Trade rules! Let this dirty secret out! Share on Twitter and Facebook.”
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Two new ways to tell California to stop clearcutting our forests!

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