SBBG Klamath Trip

This is a brief post about the trip – there are many photos, most of the flowers of which I have sorted through to load to iNaturalist –  a few favorites are shown below. I would have liked to have created a post about each day and what we saw, but I do not have the time right now – nor for several months. The landscape shots will have to wait.

Many thanks to the “leaders extraordinaire” and the impressive amount of info supplied to the participants. The maps, which I did not use on the trip, have become invaluable in checking locations and finding missing stops, when the cell phone photo of the location did not have proper GPS coords (failed link, the last connection was used.)

It was without doubt, an extremely valuable trip packed into just a few short days, and by the time it ended my brain was pretty much saturated. Unfortunately, the first “vacation” I have had since 2007 was cut short by one day – I drove 500 miles back on the Saturday to resolve an “emergency” issue —  in 5 minutes.

The Kangaroo Campground area was the most interesting – I had 31 new species for that day on iNaturalist, click to see those added to iNaturalist, although a few species were seen before. There are a handful that I still need to id, and will do so now and then. The list at this link proved immensely helpful with many of the ids.

There are more photos on my Flickr site (link). Many do not have labels, these will be added when I have some downtime. If you see any glaring errors, and have the time to report them, that would be welcomed.