More Mesa on Mobile with Mantra – behind the scenes

horsebig After ten years of adding new pages to the More Mesa website as single HTML files, the prospect of adding more files in the new year, led to a feeling of “no more”, “that’s enough” – the number of files was becoming unmanageable with single-file access. A better bet – load the 200+ pages into a WordPress database, where content can be managed.

And with WordPress plugins, it makes slideshow creation and labeling easier, the generation of the post archives automatic, adding/changing menus easier, searching possible, etc, and the fonts look better anti-aliased. The site also has a White-tailed Kite icon that can be saved to the bookmarks bar. And last but not least, anyone familiar with WordPress could edit and maintain the site without too much of a learning curve, should I not be able to do so. (The old pages will be kept for a couple months, and although the “nofollow” meta was added to the old files, they will probably show up in searches until they are deleted.)

An interesting thing happened, when investigating what the revamped website looked like on a mobile device: a nice surprise – the Mantra WordPress theme used for the upgrade has a mobile display option. Most of the pages displayed with no problem on the smaller device, but some had to be reformatted.

Impressive and useful web tools have been developed for others to use, mostly free and customizable. The available open-source and open-use software utilities are a wonderful thing – entities with which an unlimited number of stories can be told, in an unending variety. The collection of web tools also avoids the time-consuming and time-wasting reinvention of many wheels, thousands of times over.

Click to see the upgraded More Mesa Preservation Coalition website with a wonderful new header image by Ron Williams. And thanks to Valerie for ten years of a great, fun, and supportive working relationship. It is a privilege to help, particularly as she along with others, had consideration (no phone calls) for those times when I was overloaded with other work.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R
May it be healthier and happier for all, for all creatures/species great and small.