iNaturalist and California Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to iNaturalist, one of the sites I visit daily.


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the California Academy of Sciences! In business speak we were “acquired,” but that sounds so one-sided. We’ve been working with our friends at the Academy on various projects for over a year now, and we’ve talked about joining the fold for just as long, so there’s nothing one-sided about it. Scott’s a native Californian and Ken-ichi’s basically a naturalized Californian at this point in his Golden State tenure, so we’ve both looked up to the Academy for a long time, and we know they’re just as passionate about connecting people to nature as we are.

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Scientific observation platform allows citizen scientists to contribute to global biodiversity database

SAN FRANCISCO (April 25, 2014)—The California Academy of Sciences has acquired the crowd-sourcing scientific observation platform, an initiative that was announced at the Academy’s annual Big Bang Gala fundraiser last night. is a social network and mobile application for sharing biodiversity observations, with a mission to connect people to nature through technology. Since its launch in 2008, the app has been accessed by more than 1.4 million visitors around the world, with a new observation recorded every 45 seconds. These observations, which include over 600,000 natural history sightings representing over 50,000 distinct species to date, are verified and referenced by researchers from around the world.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with iNaturalist, a platform we believe perfectly complements the Academy’s mission to explore, explain, and sustain life,” says Meg Lowman, Ph.D., Chief of Science and Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences. “Together, we are uniquely positioned to engage the public in citizen science through accessible research with real sustainability outcomes, whether out in the field or in K-12 classrooms around the world.”

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Sand and Sunshine near Solvang

An eventful start to the year: heavy work load, things breaking and needing attention, bad drought, has meant few nature outings … until Saturday. I was able to attend the second of four Saturday morning group-outings planned this spring. The first, in the middle of March had to be skipped; thus just two remain after Saturday.

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