Butterfly & Moth Nectar Plant Project on iNaturalist

For far too many years, the learning of MySQL was relegated to “later”. For a number of reasons, Friday evening turned out to be a good time to investigate, and see if the data from an iNat project created Aug 2013, could be extracted as envisaged.

What a surprise. Within a couple hours I had downloaded some test data as a .csv file from the iNaturalist project, created a MySQL database in my WordPress account, and loaded the project .csv file into the MySQL database. It was very straightforward and fast. Should have learned it earlier. The tools are excellent.

Spent a few more hours extracting two kinds of data from the newly created MySQL database (there is a bunch more to learn, including how to do charts and things), as a first step. First was a column of the approx 250 Butterfly & Moth species added to the iNaturalist project, with a list of all the plants they were observed feeding from. The second is the reverse – a column of all the plants observed, with a list of butterflies seen on each.

This is a very simple, preliminary step in a longer effort – there is also a taxa issue with Sleepy Orange that needs to be resolved. Also, to have good data, about 10 times as many observations need to be added to the project – i.e. 10,000 instead of 1,000.

The two pages can be seen here:

and here is the project from which it was created.