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Other than the brief background info below, this site is all about native species – photos, descriptions, and any efforts to preserve and restore.

Originally from southern Africa, I started in 2002 to learn about the flora and fauna of Santa Barbara and California after having lived here for many years. I did this by taking my camera on outings, primarily for plant, bird and butterfly & moth photos. I attended many informal classes and field trips at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, took a formal bird course at Santa Barbara City College and attended many seminars at CCBER (UCSB).

2002 was the year that I gave up my TV. I spend so many hours in front of the computer, that additional hours in front of a TV watching mostly ads was a waste. A very apt quote: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. Groucho Marx.” I have learned much about nature since 2002, and it is only about 0.00001% of what there is to learn.

Lynn Watson, Santa Barbara

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Photo Use
  • Interpretative signs at UCSB lagoon, Isla Vista Vernal Pools, Goleta Slough.
  • Many environmental organizations, some publications, see list here


I completed a pilot California Naturalist program at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, December 12th, except that I missed graduation because of the flu, something I had not had in over a decade.

2012 Graduating Class- Back row left to right: Andy Lanes, Donna Small, Cathy Rose, Bill Lewis, Gloria Hall, Jack Ehmer, Annie Linn, Kate McCurdy, Ed Henderson; Middle Row left to right: Amy Miller, Virginia Gardner, Susan Mohun, Carolyn Kincaid (guest), Minda Kraines, Claire Johnson, Carolyn Pidduck, Susan Davidson, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Juanita Carney, Joann Ganapes, Patty Malone, LeeAnne Kryder; Front Row left to right: Suzanne Fritch, Linda Van Buren, Lydia Emard, Sue Bergstrom, Robin Brady, Kathie McClure, Andrea Adams-Morden, Ann Brinker;
Graduates not pictured: Valerie Kolstad, Carol Weingartner, Lynn Watson

“There was such energy and enthusiasm from class members. My fellow students came from many different backgrounds, professions, organizations and interests that each class was dynamic with questions and conversations.” ~ Susan Mohun.


Unlike earlier half-baked attempts at organizing species photos on a website, this task was made much easier by the enormous web tool strides that have been made by a large number of people. Many thanks to the following web sites and plugins that made this website better and more flexible, and of course, awe for all of the other organizations in the links and video pages that add multiple dimensions to various nature topics.

Plus: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Youtube, Vimeo, Google maps, etc, etc

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