Namaqualand Trip 1996

In a small area along the southwest coast of Africa lies a unique place known as Namaqualand.

With good winter rains, the splendour of the all too brief springtime in Namaqualand and surrounding areas is a wonder to behold.

Displayed against a harsh and ancient landscape with vistas of granite mountains and sandy plains, the fields of flowers are striking and dramatic.

Unlike most of southern Africa, Namaqualand receives rain in the winter from April to August. During the summer it is hot and dry, and the sunbaked landscape becomes increasingly barren north to Namibia. Within the parched summer soil, lie seeds of unimaginable variety scattered in large numbers over wide areas.

The seeds lie dormant until awakened by the winter rains and spring warmth. If conditions are right, the land is carpeted with flowers of all shapes and colours, and the fields quietly hum with the activity of insects reaping the harvest.

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