Nectar Plants – Butterflies and Moths


The data below has been extracted from the iNaturalist Project “Butterfly & Moth Nectar Plants”. While probably 10 times as much data as has been currently added would make a good sample size, nevertheless the information so far is interesting. Note that only research grade observations have been included. The project has 88 members, and 251 taxa have been observed in 1000+ observations, despite this year being a very bad year for California insects. Observations for all of North America are accepted. (The number after each taxa name is the number of times an insect has been observed at that plant species.)

Abronia angustifoliaSandhill Skipper=1
Abronia villosaPainted Lady=1
Acacia greggii greggiiMarine Blue=1
Acmella repensZela Metalmark=1, Fiery Skipper=2
AcmisponAcmon Blue=1
Acmispon glaberBramble Green Hairstreak=1, Funereal Duskywing=4, Marine Blue=2, Rural Skipper=2, Gray Hairstreak=2
Ageratina altissimaSilver-spotted Skipper=1, Common Buckeye=2, Viceroy=2
Ageratina havanensisSleepy Orange=1, Garden Webworm Moth=2, Western Pygmy Blue=2, Bordered Patch=2, Southern Dogface=2, Variegated Fritillary=2, Ceraunus Blue=2, American Snout=2, Common Mestra=2, Dainty Sulphur=2, Orange-barred Sulphur=2, Vesta Crescent=2, Phaon Crescent=2, Texan Crescent=2, Checkered White=2, Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak=2, Mallow Scrub-hairstreak=2, Gray Hairstreak=4, American Lady=2
Ageratina wrightiiTropical Queen=1, Spotted Beet Webworm=2, American Snout=4, Dainty Sulphur=2, Red Admiral=2, American Lady=2
Agoseris heterophyllaRural Skipper=1, Mylitta Crescent=2
Alliaria petiolataZebra Swallowtail=1
Allionia incarnataPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Ceraunus Blue=2, Checkered White=2
Allium schoenoprasumcommon swallowtails=1, Painted Lady=2
Amblyolepis setigeraCheckered White=1
AmsinckiaFunereal Duskywing=1
Amsinckia menziesiiDesert Orangetip=1, Sara Orangetip=6
Anaphalis margaritaceaCalifornia Ringlet=1
Anisacanthus quadrifidus wrightiiCloudless Sulphur=1
Anthemis cotulaJuniper Hairstreak=1, Melissa Blue=2
ApocynumEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Aquilegia pubescensWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
ArctiumViceroy=1, Cabbage White=2
Arctostaphylos glandulosaPainted Lady=1
Arctostaphylos glaucaBrown Elfin=1, California Tortoiseshell=2
AsclepiasWestern Pygmy Blue=1, Monarch Butterfly=4
Asclepias californicaMonarch Butterfly=1, Hedgerow Hairstreak=4, Gray Hairstreak=2
Asclepias curassavicaMonarch Butterfly=3
Asclepias fascicularisMylitta Crescent=1
Asclepias incarnataMonarch Butterfly=3, Spicebush Swallowtail=2
Asclepias subverticillataJulia Butterfly=1
Asclepias syriacaGreat Spangled Fritillary=1, American Lady=2
Asclepias texanaCommon Buckeye=1
Asclepias tuberosaPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=3, Monarch Butterfly=2, Spicebush Swallowtail=2
Asclepias variegataMonarch Butterfly=1
AsteraceaeJuniper Hairstreak=1, Red-banded Hairstreak=4, Tiny Checkerspot=2, Pine White=2, Woodland Skipper=2
Astragalus crassicarpusWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
Astragalus soxmaniorumSilver-spotted Skipper=1
Baccharis pilularisCommon Buckeye=1
Baccharis salicifoliaMonarch Butterfly=1, Gray Hairstreak=2, Painted Lady=4
Baccharis sarothroidesQueen Butterfly=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
Bellis perennisSilver-spotted Skipper=1
BidensSmudged Crescent=1, Marine Blue=2, Mariposa azufre=2, Bicolored Pyrausta Moth=2
Bidens pilosaLittle Sulphur=1, Common Buckeye=2, Mariposa blanca de la col=2, Elf=2
Blephilia hirsutameadow fritillary=1
BougainvilleaGulf Fritillary=1
Bouvardia ternifoliaZebra Longwing=1, Two-tailed Swallowtail=2
BrassicaHarford's Sulphur=1, Great Copper=2, Gossamer-winged Butterflies=2
Brassica nigraPurplish Copper=1
BrassicaceaeSilvery Blue=1, Lorquin's Admiral=2, Melissa Blue=2, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2, Checkered White=10, Sylvan Hairstreak=2
BuddlejaSachem=3, Orange Sulphur=2, Clouded Sulphur=2, Eastern Tailed-Blue=2, Silver-spotted Skipper=2, Horace's Duskywing=2, Zebra Swallowtail=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=4, Zabulon Skipper=2, Crossline Skipper=2, Peck's Skipper=2, Banded Hairstreak=2, Great Spangled Fritillary=2, Northern Broken-Dash=2
Buddleja davidiiGulf Fritillary=1, Silver-washed Fritillary=2, Sachem=2, Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=2, Monarch Butterfly=6, Silver-spotted Skipper=2, Hummingbird Clearwing=2, Lorquin's Admiral=2, Mourning Cloak=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Western Tiger Swallowtail=8, Anise Swallowtail=8, Peck's Skipper=4, West Coast Lady=2, Red Admiral=6, Painted Lady=4
Buddleja lindleyanaGulf Fritillary=1
Caesalpinia pulcherrimaGiant Swallowtail=1, Variable Cattleheart=2
Calliandra eriophyllaMormon Metalmark=1, Imperial Checkerspot=2
CallistemonWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1, Western Tiger Swallowtail=6
Calochortus clavatus pallidusVariable Checkerspot=1
Calyptocarpus vialisTawny Emperor=1
CalyptridiumSierra Nevada Parnassian=1
Calystegia macrostegiaWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
Calystegia occidentalisRural Skipper=1
Cardamine californicaMargined White=1
Carduus nutansEastern Black Swallowtail=1
Carduus pycnocephalusOrange Sulphur=1
CeanothusJuniper Hairstreak=1, gold-hunter's hairstreak=2
CentaureaMonarch Butterfly=1, Silver-spotted Skipper=2, Small Copper=2, Marbled White=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Spicebush Swallowtail=2
Centaurea americanaSnowberry Clearwing=1
Centaurea solstitialisOrange Sulphur=1, Common Buckeye=4, Painted Lady=4
Centranthus ruberWoodland Skipper=1
Centrosema virginianumDelaware Skipper=1
CephalanthusGiant Swallowtail=1, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2
Cephalanthus occidentalisCloudless Sulphur=1, Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak=2, Northern Cloudywing=2, American Lady=4
Ceratostigma plumbaginoidesUmber Skipper=1
Cercis canadensisEight-spotted Forester Moth=1
ChrysothamnusWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1, Woodland Skipper=2
CirsiumSachem=1, Snowberry Clearwing Moth=2, Hummingbird Clearwing=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Two-tailed Swallowtail=2, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2, Mylitta Crescent=2, Cabbage White=2, Zabulon Skipper=2, Painted Lady=2, American Lady=2
Cirsium arvense arvensePainted Lady=1
Cirsium discolorZabulon Skipper=1
Cirsium occidentale californicumPale Swallowtail=3, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2
Cirsium texanumGulf Fritillary=1, Eastern Black Swallowtail=4
Cirsium vulgareMarine Blue=1, Woodland Skipper=2, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2, Painted Lady=2
CitrusFalcate Skipper=1
Clematis drummondiiSachem=1
Conoclinium coelestinumPale Sicklewing=1, Chestnut Crescent=2, Gilbert's Flasher=2, Sachem=2, Mexican Dartwhite=2, Crimson Patch=2, Bordered Patch=2, Yellow-collared Scape Moth=2, Tropical Queen=4, Queen Butterfly=4, Julia Butterfly=2, Variegated Fritillary=2, Ceraunus Blue=2, Lyside Sulphur=2, Common Green-eyed White=2, Malachite=2, Dorantes Longtail=2, Brown Longtail=2
Conoclinium dissectumQueen Butterfly=1
Constancea neviniiWestern Pygmy Blue=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
Cordia boissieriWhite Angled-Sulphur=1
Coreopsis lanceolataAmerican Lady=1
Corethrogyne filaginifoliaOrange Sulphur=1, Northern White-Skipper=2, Mylitta Crescent=2, Field Crescent=2, Checkered White=4, Painted Lady=4
CucurbitaCommon Sootywing=1
CuscutaLacey's Scrub-Hairstreak=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
Cytisus scopariusSilver-spotted Skipper=1
Dahlia coccineaGulf Fritillary=1
Dasiphora fruticosaClouded Sulphur=1
DelphiniumPale Swallowtail=1
Dianthus barbatusSmall Tortoiseshell=1
Dichelostemma capitatumPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Funereal Duskywing=2, Propertius Duskywing=2, Rocky Mountain Clearwing=2, Pale Swallowtail=2, California Dogface Butterfly=2
Dimorphocarpa wislizeniiCabbage White=1
Diodia teresLeast Skipper=1
Dipsacus laciniatusSwallowtails=1
Dudleya farinosaCabbage White=1
Duranta erectaSachem=1, Skipper Butterflies=2
EchinaceaYellow-collared Scape Moth=1, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Cabbage White=2, Eastern Comma=2, Red Admiral=2
Echinacea purpureasleepy orange=1, Common Wood Nymph=2, Silvery Checkerspot=4, Large Heath=2, Orange Sulphur=4, Monarch Butterfly=2, Red-spotted Admiral=2, Woodland Skipper=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=4, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Great Spangled Fritillary=2, Southern Dogface=2
Echium candicansPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Anise Swallowtail=2
Eriastrum densifoliumClouded Sulphur=1
Eriastrum densifolium densifoliumRocky Mountain Clearwing=1, California Dogface Butterfly=2
ErigeronDainty Sulphur=1
Erigeron canadensisGray Hairstreak=1
EriodictyonPale Swallowtail=1, Greenish Blue=2, American Lady=2
Eriodictyon trichocalyx lanatumOrange Sulphur=1, Coronis Fritillary=2
EriogonumMormon Metalmark=1, Orange Skipperling=2, Buckwheat Blue=2, Bernardino Dotted-Blue=10, Pacific Dotted-Blue=2, Marine Blue=4, Lorquin's Admiral=2, Acmon Blue=4, Checkered White=2, Hedgerow Hairstreak=2, Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak=6, Gray Hairstreak=2, Painted Lady=2
Eriogonum fasciculatumBehr's Metalmark=1, Great Basin Wood-nymph=2, Bernardino Dotted-Blue=2, Acmon Blue=2, Hedgerow Hairstreak=2, Painted Lady=2
Eriogonum nudumCommon Branded Skipper=1
Eriogonum parvifoliumMormon Metalmark=3, Marine Blue=2, Checkered White=2, Gray Hairstreak=6
Eriophyllum confertiflorumGabb's Checkerspot=1, Orange Sulphur=2, Bernardino Dotted-Blue=2, Variable Checkerspot=2, Small Heliothodes Moth=2, Gorgon Copper=2, Painted Lady=2
Eriophyllum staechadifoliumVariable Checkerspot=1
ErodiumWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
Eruca sativaCommon Green-eyed White=1, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2
ErysimumWestern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Erysimum capitatumVariable Checkerspot=1, Painted Lady=4
Erysimum suffrutescensWestern Tiger Swallowtail=1
EucalyptusWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
Eucalyptus globulusMonarch Butterfly=3
EupatoriumBlack-and-yellow Lichen Moth=1
Eupatorium odoratumTwo-barred Flasher=1
Eupatorium serotinumOrange Sulphur=1, Monarch Butterfly=6, Red Admiral=2
EuryopsVariable Checkerspot=1
EutrochiumEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1, Spicebush Swallowtail=2
Eysenhardtia texanaReakirt's Blue=1, Marine Blue=2
Foeniculum vulgareQueen Butterfly=1, Lorquin's Admiral=6, Anise Swallowtail=2
Forestiera pubescensHenry's Elfin=1, Grapevine Epimenis Moth=2
Frangula californicaVariable Checkerspot=1, Pale Swallowtail=2
Gaillardia pulchellaNorthern Oak Hairstreak=1, Dainty Sulphur=2, Genista Broom Moth=2
GaleopsisCommon Brimstone=1
Gilia capitataOrange Sulphur=1
Glandularia bipinnatifidaSouthern Dogface=3
Glechoma hederaceaEastern Black Swallowtail=1
GnaphaliumTexan Crescent=1
GomphrenaGulf Fritillary=1, Painted Lady=2
Grindelia camporumVariable Checkerspot=1, Spotted Buff Gem Moth=2
Grindelia halliiOrange Sulphur=1, Purplish Copper=2
Hazardia squarrosaCommon Buckeye=1, American Lady=2
Hedera helixGenista Broom Moth=1
HelianthusMonarch Butterfly=1, White-striped Black Moth=2
Helianthus annuusMonarch Butterfly=3
Helianthus gracilentusFunereal Duskywing=1, Marine Blue=2
Helianthus maximilianiMonarch Butterfly=3
Helianthus mollisSachem=1
Helianthus petiolarisBordered Patch=1
Heliotropium curassavicumWestern Pygmy Blue=5, Orange Sulphur=2, Funereal Duskywing=2, Fiery Skipper=8, Marine Blue=2, Checkered White=4, White Checkered-skipper=4, Gray Hairstreak=4, West Coast Lady=4, Painted Lady=2
Helminthotheca echioidesQueen Butterfly=1, Mournful Duskywing=2, Common Green-eyed White=2, West Coast Lady=2
Hesperis matronalisGiant Swallowtail=3, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=4, Spicebush Swallowtail=2
Heteromeles arbutifoliaMountain Mahogany Hairstreak=3
Hibiscus rosa-sinensisOrange-barred Sulphur=1
Hieracium aurantiacumCanada Tiger Swallowtail=1
Horkelia cuneataSilvery Blue=1
Hyptis emoryiLoki Juniper Hairstreak=1, Funereal Duskywing=2, Silvery Blue=2, Desert Black Swallowtail=2, Gray Hairstreak=2
Iris germanicaWhite-lined Sphinx Moth=1
IsocomaSachem=1, Fiery Skipper=2
Isocoma menziesiiFiery Skipper=1
Justicia brandegeeanasulphurs=1
Justicia californicaSilvery Blue=1
Kallstroemia grandifloraCommon Sootywing=1
LantanaGulf Fritillary=7, Great Southern White=2, Sachem=2, Monarch Butterfly=4, Horace's Duskywing=2, Variegated Fritillary=4, Fiery Skipper=4, White-lined Sphinx Moth=2, Lorquin's Admiral=2, Giant Swallowtail=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Cloudless Sulphur=2, Acmon Blue=2, Red Admiral=2, Painted Lady=2
Lantana camaraPale Sicklewing=1, Gulf Fritillary=6, Potrillo Skipper=2, Monarch Butterfly=2, Julia Butterfly=2, Zebra Longwing=2, Fiery Skipper=2, Marine Blue=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Saltarina de la guayaba=2
Lantana camara camaraMournful Duskywing=1, Fiery Skipper=4, Umber Skipper=2
Lantana macropodaCrimson Patch=1
Lantana montevidensisFiery Skipper=1
LastheniaGorgon Copper=1
Lathyrus ciceraSilvery Blue=1
Lathyrus vestitusPale Swallowtail=1
LavandulaFiery Skipper=1, Woodland Skipper=2, Cabbage White=4, Common Checkered-Skipper=2
Lavandula dentataMarine Blue=1
Lepidospartum squamatumMormon Metalmark=1, Common Buckeye=2
Leucophyllum frutescensTheona Checkerspot=1
LiatrisMonarch Butterfly=1, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2
LigustrumPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1
Ligustrum obtusifoliumGiant Swallowtail=1
LimoniumSkipper Butterflies=1, Fiery Skipper=2, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2, Red Admiral=2, Painted Lady=2
Limonium carolinianumFiery Skipper=1
LoniceraSnowberry Clearwing Moth=1, Canada Tiger Swallowtail=2
Lonicera fragrantissimaAmerican Snout=1
Lotus corniculatusClouded Sulphur=1
Lotus corniculatus corniculatusSummer Azure=1
Ludwigia decurrensLeast Skipper=1
Lunaria redivivaOrange Tip=1, Green-veined White=2
LupinusAcmon Blue=1, Boisduval's Blue=2, Painted Lady=2
Lysimachia clethroidesRed-banded Hairstreak=1
Lythrum salicariaClouded Sulphur=1, Cabbage White=2, Broad-winged Skipper=2
MadiaAcmon Blue=1
MagnoliophytaGulf Fritillary=1, Golden Hairstreak=2, Anise Swallowtail=2, Mylitta Crescent=2, American Lady=2
Mahonia trifoliolataGray Hairstreak=1
Malacothrix saxatilisDainty Sulphur=1, Pale Swallowtail=2
MalvaviscusSnowberry Clearwing=1
Malvaviscus arboreusGulf Fritillary=3, Cloudless Sulphur=2
Malvaviscus arboreus drummondiiTexas Powdered Skipper=1
Malvaviscus drummondiiLarge Orange Sulphur=1
Malvella leprosaWestern Pygmy Blue=1, Painted Lady=2
Medicago sativaCommon Buckeye=1, West Coast Lady=2
Mentha pulegiumWoodland Skipper=1
Mentha spicataCommon Buckeye=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
Microsteris gracilisSara Orangetip=1
MonardaGulf Fritillary=1
Monarda citriodoraNessus Sphinx=1
Monarda didymaPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Snowberry Clearwing Moth=2, Hummingbird Clearwing=2
Monarda fistulosaPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Silver-spotted Skipper=2, Snowberry Clearwing Moth=4, Hummingbird Clearwing=4, Giant Swallowtail=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=6, Eastern Black Swallowtail=2
Monardella hypoleucaHarford's Sulphur=1, Variable Checkerspot=2, Rocky Mountain Clearwing=2, Rural Skipper=2, Pale Swallowtail=2, Greater Fritillaries=2, Painted Lady=2, California Dogface Butterfly=2
Monardella villosaSachem=1, Anise Swallowtail=2, Callippe Fritillary=2
NarcissusSpicebush Swallowtail=1
Nemophila menziesiiThree-striped Longhorn=1
Oenothera biennisPrimrose Moth=3
OpuntiaHackberry Emperor=1
Origanum vulgareRinglet=1
Oxalis pes-capraeSara Orangetip=1, Umber Skipper=2
Packera obovataPearl Crescent=1
Palafoxia callosaGulf Fritillary=1
Passiflora caeruleaGulf Fritillary=3
PenstemonSilver-spotted Skipper=1
Penstemon centranthifoliusPale Swallowtail=1
Penstemon spectabilisBlues=1
Perovskia atriplicifoliaDainty Sulphur=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
PhaceliaCorn Earworm=1
Phacelia cicutariaVariable Checkerspot=1
Phlox paniculataBedstraw Hawk-moth=1
Phoenix roebeleniiFiery Skipper=1, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2
Phyla nodifloraTexan Crescent=1, Little Yellow=2
Phytolacca americanaAilanthus Webworm Moth=1
Pickeringia montanaMarine Blue=1, Gray Hairstreak=2
Platanthera psycodesBedstraw Hawk-moth=1
Platanus racemosaCabbage White=1
Pluchea odorataMonarch Butterfly=1
Pluchea sericeaMarine Blue=1
PlumbagoWestern Tiger Swallowtail=1, Cloudless Sulphur=2
Plumbago auriculataPainted Lady=1
PolemoniaceaeBedstraw Hawk-moth=1
Pontederia cordataAmerican Lady=1
Prionopsis ciliataOrange Skipperling=1
ProsopisQueen Butterfly=1
Prunella vulgarisZebra Swallowtail=1
PrunusEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1, American Lady=2
Prunus ilicifoliaHedgerow Hairstreak=1
Psychotria poeppigianacommon swallowtails=1
Pycnanthemum incanumSachem=1, Peck's Skipper=2, Little Glassywing=2
Pycnanthemum tenuifoliumSilver-spotted Skipper=1, American Lady=2
QuercusGolden Hairstreak=1
Quercus kelloggiiPainted Lady=1
Raphanus raphanistrumGulf Fritillary=1, Monarch Butterfly=2, Fiery Skipper=2, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2, Cabbage White=2
Raphanus sativusSara Orangetip=1, Western Tiger Swallowtail=2, Anise Swallowtail=2, Cabbage White=8, Common Checkered-Skipper=2, Painted Lady=4
Ratibida columniferaCommon Buckeye=1
Rhaphiolepis indicaPainted Lady=1
RhododendronEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Rhus integrifoliaMonarch Butterfly=1
Rosmarinus officinalisMarine Blue=1, American Snout=2, American Lady=2
RubusEight-spotted Forester Moth=1, Silver-spotted Skipper=4, Snowberry Clearwing Moth=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Spicebush Swallowtail=2, Painted Lady=2, American Lady=6
Rubus allegheniensisEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Rubus armeniacusWestern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Rubus trivialisAmerican Lady=1
RudbeckiaGreat Spangled Fritillary=1
Rudbeckia hirtaSachem=1, Pearl Crescent=2
Rudbeckia laciniataCabbage White=1
SalixRed Admiral=1
Salix nigraQuestion Mark=1
SalviaSalome Yellow=1, Eufala Skipper=2, Snowball-spotted Skipper=2, Cabbage White=2, Gray Hairstreak=2
Salvia azureaClouded Skipper=1
Salvia clevelandiiMonarch Butterfly=1, Fiery Skipper=2
Salvia columbariaeAcmon Blue=1
Salvia fulgensGulf Fritillary=1
Salvia greggiiSleepy Orange=1, Gulf Fritillary=2, Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=2, Southern Dogface=2, Cloudless Sulphur=2
Salvia leucanthaSleepy Orange=1, Fiery Skipper=2
Salvia leucophyllaCalifornia Dogface Butterfly=1
Salvia microphyllasulphurs=1
ScaevolaWest Coast Lady=1
SedumDark Sword-grass=1, Sachem=2, Green Cloverworm Moth=2
Sedum dendroideumXami Hairstreak=1, Mexican Dartwhite=2
Senecio flaccidus douglasiiMormon Metalmark=1, Mournful Duskywing=2, Acmon Blue=2, Gray Hairstreak=2, West Coast Lady=2, American Lady=2
Sida abutifoliaLittle Yellow=1
SolidagoRed-banded Hairstreak=1, Large Heath=2, Pearl Crescent=2, Cabbage White=2, Red Admiral=2
SonchusCheckered White=1
Sorghum halepenseCommon Streaky-Skipper=1
Symphyotrichum ascendensZerene Fritillary=1
Symphyotrichum novae-angliaeSleepy Orange=1, Sachem=2, Orange Sulphur=2, Cabbage White=4, American Lady=4
Symphyotrichum pilosumPainted Lady=1
Syringa vulgarisCanada Tiger Swallowtail=1
TagetesFiery Skipper=1
Tagetes erectaEastern Black Swallowtail=1
TamarixWestern Pygmy Blue=1, Funereal Duskywing=2, Dainty Sulphur=2
Tanacetum vulgareRed-banded Hairstreak=1
Taraxacum officinaleGulf Fritillary=1, Clouded Sulphur=2, parsnip swallowtail=2, American Lady=2
Tetraneuris scaposaPearl Crescent=1
Torilis arvensisBanded Hairstreak=1
Trichostema lanatumPale Swallowtail=1
Trichostema lanceolatumCommon Branded Skipper=1
Tridax coronopifoliaWhite-striped Longtail=1, Bordered Patch=2, Mexican Fritillary=2, Tropical Checkered Skipper=2, Southern Dogface=2
Tridax procumbensBordered Patch=1, Theona Checkerspot=2, Reakirt's Blue=2
TrifoliumOrange Sulphur=1
Trifolium pratenseLarge Heath=1, Orange Sulphur=4, Clouded Sulphur=2, Canada Tiger Swallowtail=2, Giant Swallowtail=2
Trifolium repensLarge Heath=1, Eastern Tailed-Blue=2, Variegated Fritillary=2, Zebra Swallowtail=2, Fiery Skipper=2, Pearl Crescent=2
Trifolium vesiculosumEastern Tiger Swallowtail=1
Tulbaghia violaceaCommon Looper Moth=1, Fiery Skipper=2, Noctuid Moths=2, Woodland Skipper=2, Umber Skipper=2
Ungnadia speciosaMournful Thyris=1
VerbenaFiery Skipper=1, Giant Swallowtail=2, Cabbage White=2
Verbena bonariensisEuropean Peacock Butterfly=1, Common Checkered-Skipper=2, Painted Lady=2
Verbena lilacinaGulf Fritillary=1, Painted Lady=2
Verbesina encelioidesPearl Crescent=1
Verbesina virginicaGreat Purple Hairstreak=1, Fatal Metalmark=2, Orange Skipperling=2, American Snout=2, Common Mestra=2, Gray Hairstreak=2, Red Admiral=2, Painted Lady=2
Vernonia alamaniiMexican Silverspot=1
Vernonia giganteaGiant Swallowtail=1
Vernonia greggiiGolden-banded Skipper=1, Mexican Dartwhite=2
VeronicaCommon Wood Nymph=1
ViciaOrange Sulphur=1, common swallowtails=2, Canada Tiger Swallowtail=4, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2
Vicia sativaEastern Tailed-Blue=1
Vicia villosaPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Canada Tiger Swallowtail=2, Northern Cloudywing=2
Viguiera stenolobaAmerican Snout=1
Vitex agnus-castusEastern Tailed-Blue=1, Fiery Skipper=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Pearl Crescent=2
Vitis californicaLorquin's Admiral=1
Wedelia trilobataGulf Fritillary=1
WisteriaGray Hairstreak=1
YuccaMournful Thyris=1
ZinniaPipevine Swallowtail Butterfly=1, Tiger Butterflies=2, Mournful Duskywing=2, Red Postman=2, Fiery Skipper=2, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail=2, Eastern Black Swallowtail=4, Great Spangled Fritillary=4
Zinnia peruvianaMonarch Butterfly=1, Mexican Fritillary=2

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